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Terms and Conditions

"Our aim is to make sure that each and every occasion is not to be forgotten."

Please return the equipment in the same condition you received it, you don’t have to clean the chair covers and tables cloths, you just pack it in the containers you received it in. Late returns will result in penalty of R200.

Please do not use or leave our equipment in the rain, pack it up after use, and return on time.

The lessee is responsible to provide adequate access area and space for the jumping castle/s and equipment and adequate power supply to the motor/s. Clients supply own extension leads. No cold drinks, food, colour streamers, shoes or sharp articles are allowed on the castle.

No persons over the age of 14 on our castles or over 50kg. No ADULTS or the seams will tear. No adults on the tables and chairs.

Please do not allow children to sit, climb or hang on the side walls or front cross bar of the castle. Use of the equipment is entirely at lessee’s own risk and must all times, be under strict adult supervision.

A suitable area for equipment, away from objects and preferably on GRASS. If you have to put the castle up on paving or cement you must arrange with us for a ground sheet that you must place under the castle, the ground cover is available for free so please ask for it!!! Don’t put castle up on gravel, No persons on or around the motor, it is strictly of limits and must be kept dry at all times.  Small children must be supervised at all times. “Abu’s Hiring” the agent and any of our employees will not be held responsible for the lost or damage, death or injury to any person/s or property whatsoever from use/hire of fun items and motors, whether supplied through an agent or not.
If items is kept the lessee over night please ensure that is locked away and safely-any loss/ damage due to theft/dogs/whatever method is for the hire’s account.

You are responsible for loss or damage to the Abu’s Hiring equipment hired. All damages incurred to our items, motors, games, tables, table cloths, chairs, chair covers, while in your possession of the hirer will be on your account. Legal costs included. Do not set up near fire or swimming pool and no smoking near our castles.

Cancellation Policy : the hirer will loose his/her deposit if they cancel their order less than 48 hours before the event.

To download a copy, click here: Abu’s Terms and Conditions.